Rio das Ostras, in the late 90's, was the scene of similar events. A group of friends met up frequently in a bike shop. In common life on two wheels and the passion for motorcycling. The good frequency revealed the true profile and moticiclista lifestyle. Next to the opportunity to get close to many models of motorcycles totaled idea of ​​creating a motorcycle club that represented the city as well as travel to Brazil to participate in other events. The discussion of the name and its shell was consensus on two issues, which would symbolize the freedom to walk roads on two wheels and remember the county seat. For thus raising the name of Rio das Ostras and overcome challenges distances and borders, even international. With motorcycles and tricycles modest, informally comes the "Ostradeiros Motorcycle Club Rio das Ostras." The city of Paraíba do Sul, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, was the first trip of the group, to honor the event's MC Foxes Asphalt. Soon after, on May 19, 2000 the motorcycle club was duly registered. Firm the objectives to grow in membership and be identified by value respect, friendship and solidarity to others. Recognized as "Public Interest Entity" by the city of Rio das Ostras, in September 2002. Throughout the year, count on our members in their cities. As organizers of the "Oysters Cycle," We invite all bikers brothers to visit us in March of each year, and thus enhance quality in our event. You are our guest!


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